WTBS: Episode 49; Origins of Stacked Coaching… And Why It Works

By September 23, 2020 No Comments
Tell us if this sounds familiar…
You walk in somewhere, like your new gym. You meet with someone who shows you around and at some point, they ask you what your goals are. You say, “To look like her/him.”
While that isn’t wrong, we’ve figured out that the perfect body doesn’t exist. And trying to get there doesn’t mean over-working in the gym or sticking to restrictive diets. It’s exhausting; physically and mentally. And it isn’t sustainable.
We’ve found that building healthy habits and staying consistent and accountable is where the magic happens; that’s the place where you reach your goals and reach your full potential.
Enter Stacked Nutrition Coaching. Our new remote nutrition program.
Today on “With That Being Said”, Bradley, Emily, and Sarah sat down to talk all about our nutrition program, Stacked Coaching. We dig into why we started it, how it evolved, why a focus on habits works, what you can expect at Stacked Coaching, and much more.
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