WTBS: Ep. 77 – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone with Crystalyn Aucoin

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One of the definitions for “action” listed in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “the bringing about of an alteration by force”.

Action is initiative. Action is behavior. Action is what pushes you to take a leap and jump out of your comfort zone.

And it just so happens to be Crystalyn Aucoin’s word for 2021.

Today on “With That Being Said” Bradley, Emily, and Sarah were joined by Crystalyn Aucoin. Crystalyn has been reaching and pushing herself outside of her comfort zone for years now. From starting her own business to joining Roux. And with 2021 as the year of action, we think she’s just getting started.

Tune in to listen to Crystalyn’s incredible story and learn about how YOU can take action and get outside of your comfort zone.

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You can see Crystalyn’s Jewelry and read more about her story and “The Mine” HERE.



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