WTBS: Ep. 74 – Fat is a Feeling

By March 17, 2021 No Comments

Your friends are going out to eat. It’s your favorite Mexican restaurant. Before you know it, your table is on their 3rd basket of chips, you’ve each had 2 margaritas, and your entree isn’t even there.

You have fun, but the next day you don’t feel good. You feel slow and lethargic. You feel puffy. You feel fat.
Sound familiar?
Turns out that it isn’t a state of being and that fat is a feeling.
On today’s episode of “With That Being Said” Bradley, Emily, and Sarah sat down to talk about what’s really happening when you “feel fat”. They talk about what creates that sensation, how it relates to other things going on in your life, and a plan for tackling those feelings.
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