WTBS: Ep. 72 – CrossFit Teens; The Future of Fitness

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What do you think of when you hear the word “CrossFit”?
Most people think about being constantly injured, big men grunting with their shirts off, and that it’s something you can only do if you’re going to throw around a heavy bar.
Oh, and you can only talk about CrossFit.
So it might surprise you that Roux is about 70% female AND it turns out that CrossFit and Roux have made a pretty incredible impression on teenage girls.
On today’s episode of “With That Being Said”, Bradley was joined by 3 of our incredible CrossFit Teens; Bernadette Lombardi, Maria Lombardi, and Natalie Bou. They talk about how they found CrossFit and Roux, how it has changed their life outside of the gym, the impact it has had on their idea of body positivity, and much more.
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