WTBS: Ep. 71 – Mowing the Lawn With Your House on Fire

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“Is it OK if I have this bread at lunch and dinner? It’s gluten-free!”

“What do you think about these pre and post workout supplements?”

“I really struggle with strict pull-ups, but I think I’m close to a muscle-up. That will help, right?”

We get it, It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Not only is there a ton of information out there in the world, but it’s at the tip of your fingers all the time. While ones blogger posts about the best plan for nutrition, a former athlete says something else. One brand supports a certain type of exercise and another warns against it.

We get wrapped up and overwhelmed by all the information instead of worrying about the basics.

On todays, “With That Being Said”, Bradley, Emily, and Sarah sat down to talk about this phenomenon. It’s called, “Mowing the lawn while your house is on fire”. Tune into to learn why it got that name and tips for building a strong foundation to your house first.

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