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WODI Gras: Get to Know NOLA’s Fittest Party

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Back in 2018, Roux had a decision to make…

We had recently expanded the gym and we were approached by a company to host a functional fitness competition.

It was a great idea and we jumped on the opportunity. 

In 2018, WODI Gras was born.

Roux acted as a partner. I always equate it to a day-of wedding coordinator. We had everything from medals and koozies to score cards delivered to us in the leading months. We coordinated judges and volunteers. We set up the gym the night before and on the day of the competition we hosted the absolute shit out of WODI Gras. Bradley emceed like a boss, our head judges Shane and Kevin kept things rolling, and Roux members showed up in a big way to volunteer.

By the end of the day, we were so tired and so excited for year 2.

But then something happened, our partner ran into some personal problems. Don’t worry, he’s fine. But he made the decision to step away from running competitions.

So now we were faced with a big question… Do we take on WODI Gras on our own? Or do we appreciate the memory for what it was?

And as we gear up for year 4, I think you know our answer.

WODI Gras has truly been a labor of love and we love the thrill of trying to make each year better than the one before.

While we loved 2018 in our space, we loved the intimacy and the energy, we wanted room to grow. So we went out to City Park and rented out Tad Gormley stadium. The setting of the track and the stands where I had watched the US Womens National Soccer Team play as a kid, where my dad watched the Olympic Trials before I was born, was the perfect setting. It felt larger than life and we definitely had room to grow.

We started programming the workouts. Thinking not only of the athletes and the challenges we would throw at them, but trying to make things interesting for the spectators to watch.

In year 3, we started crushing it by getting some incredible sponsors that not only loaded up our athletes with swag, but who showed up in a big way for our volunteers. Our volunteers donate a lot of time, from 2 hours to help with set-up, to close to 30 hours over the course of two days to make the event a success.

As we approach year 4, we’ve moved again. This time to bring competitors and spectators to the heart of the city. This year we have moved to Crescent Park right along the Mississippi River. Not only is the scenery something special, but with a covered space we are protected from the elements and ready for anything.

While everything is constantly changing this year, we are still full-steam ahead. We are gearing up for WODI Gras on January 23, 2021 at Crescent Park. We are planning workouts, we already have almost as many teams as last year committed, we have vendors who are ready to get out and work with athletes, and we are excited. 

We think it’s more important than ever to have something to look forward to. Because let’s be honest, this year is not what any of us expected. Don’t worry, we are going to do everything we can to keep everyone safe while still having a great time. 

Are you ready? 

Whether you want to compete or not, we want you to join us and experience NOLA’s fittest party for yourself. Volunteers are needed and can do everything from helping us move equipment between heats to judging the competition. AND did we mention, the volunteer swag is legit! You can sign up to volunteer HERE.

Want to compete? What are you waiting for?! Head HERE to sign up your co-ed team of 4 to put your fitness to the test. And we can guarantee that no matter what, you’ll have a great time. Especially if you win the RX division because you’ll be leaving with $500 dollars in your pocket.

2020 has been weird, but we’ve got something for you to look forward to. Mark your calendars.  Join us for WODI Gras 2021 and let’s start this next year on a high note.

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