Why You Should Throw Your Scale Away (And What You Should Do Instead)

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When it comes to eating healthy and working out, how do you measure progress?  

I used to measure progress by stepping on my bathroom scale and crossing my fingers hoping the numbers were lower, even by a little.  

Weight loss equals progress, right?   

It wasn’t until I started CrossFit that I started to think of physical progress differently. CrossFit presented a new set of skills to work on and new personal records to set.

I felt successful if I lifted 10 more pounds than last time, or if I finally got that rope climb I was working on. I started to care less about my weight and I paid attention to how my clothes fit and how I felt.

Then, when my husband and I moved out of our apartment, I decided to get rid of the scale.  It was pretty freeing not to tie my self-worth to that piece of machinery!

…But how do you feel?

When I started hosting nutrition challenges at the gym,  some people told me how disappointed they were that they didn’t “cheat” for 3 weeks and their weight was the same.  

I’d respond with a question.  But, how do you feel?

Usually, the story went like this:

“My skin cleared up, I lost a pant size, and I got 2 PRs the week before.”

BUT… they felt a sense of failure because their weight hadn’t responded the way they expected.  

So, here’s what’s wrong with your bathroom scale…

It doesn’t tell the whole story!

Especially if you’re doing weight training, it is entirely possible that you may weigh the same even if your body composition has shifted for the better.

Did you gain muscle and lose fat?  

Hey that’s a good thing!

It’s too accessible.

Weighing yourself every day just isn’t productive. One day isn’t enough time to see meaningful change, and our bodies usually fluctuate a few pounds in a day, anyway.

If you start to stall with losing weight, you can lose sight of all the other reasons you’re challenging yourself to live a healthier life.

If the scale doesn’t move after all this effort, what’s the point?  Right?


Focus instead on all the good things you’re doing for your body.  

Weight and self-worth…

I generally find that the people who weigh themselves religiously are also the ones who cringe when they have to step on a scale at the doctor’s office.  

If the number is X, then they feel good about themselves.  If the number is Y… well, it sends them into a downward spiral of unhealthy choices.

Instead of relying on your scale to tell you how to feel about yourself, check in with your body to see how things are going.  

How do you feel?  What is your energy level?  How is your performance in the gym?

I feel a similar way about the obsessive calorie counting approach.

Counting calories is fine, and sometimes necessary… but at some point people who religiously count calories tend to start ignoring hunger cues and rely on a label to tell them how much to eat.  

But wait, there’s a better way…

I challenge you all to throw your bathroom scales away.  

Seriously.  Do it.

It might give you a bit of anxiety at first, but I promise you’ll feel better in the end.

If tracking progress with data is important to you, then get a body composition scan.  

The InBody 570 sends a low level of electrical current through your body and it is able to accurately break down your body composition into muscle, fat, and water weight.   

The InBody is a much better way to track your results because it tells the whole story of what your body is made of.  Plus, it’s way less accessible than your bathroom scale.

Now, you can start to see real progress over time.  

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