Unlocking Hummer Status: Changing Your Body From Prius to Hummer

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Are you a Prius or a Hummer?

No. I’m not talking about your car, I’m talking about your body. And before you get too far ahead and think about the environmental implications, remember that it’s a metaphor. While we may want more Prius’ on the road, we want our bodies to be Hummers.

If I haven’t lost you yet, then I have most certainly peaked your interest. Good, stay with me.

There are a lot of different diets out there. There’s a lot of different ways to eat that will help you lose weight. But when we take a step back, to lose weight, it boils down to one simple principle:

You want to be consuming less calories than you are burning in a day. To put it simply, you want to put your body into a caloric deficit.

Easy, right? Slow down there. Here’s where it gets sticky.

You can put your body into too much of a caloric deficit, and that’s how you become a Prius.

Think about the way a Prius operates, it uses a little fuel to get really far. While that’s great for the planet, it doesn’t translate well to us. 

Oftentimes, when people try to lose weight or control their weight without any kind of measuring, we eat too little. When you eat too little for too long, your body doesn’t like that. Your body is smart and intuitive. If it notices that it is getting less fuel, it will begin to triage and decide what functions are most important; it decides where the fuel goes. This process eventually slows down your metabolism (among other things) so that your body can adjust and ultimately survive. 

Do you feel like you eat really well, but one meal out makes you gain 5 pounds? Have you been restricting calories for years, but the scale isn’t budging or even going up? You might be a Prius.

But what we want you to be is a Hummer.

Now think about the way a Hummer operates. A Hummer uses a lot of fuel and goes through that fuel rapidly and efficiently. We want your body to do that, but with food. 

A Hummer is someone who eats a ton of food (mostly whole, simple, and minimally processed) and functions at a high level. They have energy, they are crushing their workouts, they are burning fat, often gaining muscle, and all while eating more. 

Now don’t you want to be a Hummer?!

The good news it that you can absolutely change from being a Prius to a Hummer. You can systematically change your body so that you are eating more and weighing less. It’s about optimizing the way your nutrition is fueling your body and supporting muscle growth. You have to slowly and intentionally increase the amount of calories you are eating over time and your body adapts and learns to use that fuel. And then, BOOM! Hummer status is unlocked.

With that being said*, resistance training is key in all of this. But it is doable.

And the best part is that you don’t have to do it alone. 

While we believe in you, we find that the best results happen when we have a plan of action, a clear sense of purpose, and accountability. You’ll have all of that, plus incredible support with Stacked Coaching. Our goal is to help clients not only improve their relationship with food, meet their goals, and improve their performance… but go from Prius to Hummer status.

Want to know more?

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