Three Reasons People Don’t Stick to Healthier Lifestyles …and how to fix them

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If 2020 has taught us anything, it would probably be the importance of prioritizing our health, but the twists and turns of this year have led to increased stress levels for most of us which usually snowballs into sleepless nights and eating our feelings.

Knowing what to do to prioritize your health isn’t hard… aside from wearing masks and washing your hands often, well all know that we should probably eat more vegetables, exercise more, and find ways to de-stress.

“Should” being the operative word in that sentence.

Just because we know we should be doing something doesn’t mean we necessarily always do it.

I call that the gap between knowing and doing. And I view my job as a coach to help bridge that gap and help people take action.

I’m the co-owner of Roux Fitness in Jefferson, Louisiana… and even though I own a gym, I don’t view my role as selling gym memberships.

I sell coaching and solutions to problems people are facing.

So, what are the typical problems people have with sticking to lifestyle changes that enable them to live longer, healthier, happier lives?


  1. Boredom

Believe it or not, I used to hate working out. I spent $49 a month on a gym membership that I didn’t use very often, but when I did use it, I’d walk in and feel completely overwhelmed by all of the options.

What machines am I supposed to use and when?

How many reps?

What do I need to know about proper form?

Jay Knickerbocker Photography

All of these questions led to paralysis and I ended up taking a magazine over to the elliptical machine and thumbing through pages for the next 45 minutes.

BORING… and completely ineffective at helping me reach my goals.

It wasn’t until I found group classes where the workouts were different every day, there were coaches to show me what to do, and I actually got to interact with other people that I fell in love with fitness.

I fell in love with the process instead of just being hyper focused on the results, and when I shifted to being process-driven, the results ultimately came.

At Roux Fitness, our motto is “Get Fit, Have Fun.”

We believe that if you’re not having fun, you won’t get the results you came to us to achieve.

We want you to feel part of a tribe, create relationships with other members, dance between sets of dumbbell presses, and genuinely look forward to coming back tomorrow.

When you’re bored, you turn into a gym donor instead of a gym member.

Which would you rather be?


  1. Not having defined goals or a plan to reach them

Every new person who walks through the door at Roux Fitness sits down with me to talk about their goals, but I’m not just interested in what their goals are, I’m interested in the “why” behind their goals.

If someone tells me that they want to lose weight, I try to dig a little deeper until I find out their reason.

Maybe they received a diagnosis that gave them a glimpse into a scary future.

Maybe they saw a photograph and didn’t recognize themselves. They desperately want to feel comfortable in front of the camera rather than always volunteering to take the photos.

Maybe their weight is starting to affect their self-esteem which is impacting their relationships or performance at work.

Maybe they’ve experienced a major life change, like having a baby or a divorce, and it’s time to focus some energy on themselves again.

Once I understand how their life will be improved if their problem is solved, I’m able to help them build a defined plan to reach their goals.


  1. Not seeing the bigger picture

Overall wellness is multifaceted, and we view our role in helping people achieve wellness in three pillars:

  1. Fitness (obviously)

  2. Nutrition

  3. And Recovery

At Roux, we want to help people move well for the rest of their lives. We teach proper squat form so that you can get in and out of a chair by yourself into your 90’s.  We teach people how to do burpees so they’ll be able to get up off the floor if they fall in their old age.

Not only that, but exercise promotes mental well-being, cardiovascular health, better sleep, and strength.

Who doesn’t want those things?

But, just adding JUST the fitness piece rarely gets people to their finish line.

Nutrition is a big focus for us at Roux, and we have a team of nutrition coaches who work individually with people to work toward sustainable change.

We’ve found that with exercise and increases in energy output, not having a plan with your nutrition just leads to consuming more food to match the increased hunger levels.

Exercise is for wellness, and nutrition is for weight-loss.

At Roux Fitness, we incorporate recovery by offering onsite massage therapy to our members, but we also emphasize the benefits of taking rest days, proper sleep, strategies for minimizing stress, and quality supplementation.

Each pillar of wellness works together to give our members a holistic picture of what deep health truly consists of.

If you’re ready to get fit, have fun, and reach your goals, I’d love to invite you to Roux to do a FREE Jumpstart Session.

In the session, you’ll receive a tour, I’ll sit down with you to understand your goals, I’ll take you through a movement assessment, and I’ll recommend the plan that will help you reach your goals.

Interested in just hearing more about our philosophy?  Here’s a link to our weekly Podcast, or search “Roux Fitness” wherever you listen to Podcasts.

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