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How To Get The Most Out of Each Workout

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You pull out your phone and look at today’s workout – and shudder. Suddenly your breakfast is sitting heavily in your stomach. You know you are going to have to do it but you aren’t happy about it. You are not alone – this happens to EVERYONE!

But somehow some people thrive in this situation. They have mental toughness and can push through on days like this and look completely unphased in the workout. In fact, they often excel when they attack a workout that has a weakness of theirs because they are so bound and determined to overcome.

But this isn’t everyone and takes a lot of small changes when it comes to mindset. So how do you do it? How can you start to approach your weaknesses with a better mindset? Here are a things you can start doing to help you have more fun and get more out of your workouts every time you step into the gym.

Check your mindset.

Internal talk can be super powerful and liberating but it can also be extremely destructive. You don’t need to be super cheesy here but some positive self talk is going to be way more beneficial then tearing yourself down. Saying things like ‘I got this,’ ‘easy day,’ ‘one more rep’ are all forms of positive self talk. Don’t stop once the workout starts though! Continuous self talk of ‘get back on the bar,’ ‘you have this,’  is going to keep you moving forward in a workout.

Break up the workout.

Often times, a longer workout can get into people’s heads. Instead of looking at the entire workout and deeming it super daunting, break the workout into portions. Or just focus on each movement as you do it. Focus on making each rep look like the one before and try not to get too wrapped up in what the clock says. Getting distracted in a workout can make it long and grueling, so stay focused on the task at hand. And remember that each rep brings you closer to finishing.


Let go of the ego.

Stop cherrypicking! So many of us don’t try things or put ourselves out there because we aren’t ‘good’ at them. But you definitely aren’t going to get better by avoiding your weaknesses. Comparisons to other people and being too worried about failing will definitely hold you back from greatness. Let go of the idea that you need to be good at something before you can even try it! Remember that everyone started somewhere.

Have confidence.

The more we second guess ourselves, the more we will set ourselves up for failure or mediocrity. You don’t need to be cocky, but having some confidence is going to be crucial when attacking something you don’t feel super comfortable with. Even if you don’t have the confidence yet, FAKE IT. You may not have the confidence in yourself with the specific movement or with how long a workout is, but you can have confidence in your ability to learn and improve. Once you start telling yourself things like ‘oh I will never be able to do that’, you’ve limited yourself. And you are right, once you get those things in your head you won’t be able to progress. Eliminate that self limiting talk and replace it with confidence. Have confidence in your athletic ability to learn, adapt and progress. It may not be that day that you become the Joe Burrow of that movement, but have the confidence to give yourself the opportunity to improve and grow as an athlete.

Our biggest limiter is ourselves. Yep. Despite the fact that there are a ton of things we can’t control, we can control how we speak to ourselves, how we act, how we react, and how and if we grow. This week, we challenge you to check the  self-limiting talk and approach your training and more with a mindset of unlimited potential. If you do that then you will be surprised by how much you can accomplish.



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