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Health for the Long-Haul: Creating a Life That’s Sustainable

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Tell us if this sounds familiar:

You’ve been through some big, hairy, life pivot recently and you decide to make a change. For the sake of simplicity, let’s say you decide to join a gym and focus on your physical health.

You’re going to get in the best shape of your life!

You join a gym. Week one you make it 4 days. Suddenly you’re going 5 times a week. Hell, on a good day you go twice. You hire a personal trainer. Within 2 months, you have to start buying new clothes. You are regimented, you are committed, you are ALL IN.

And then one day, the alarm goes off and you do something you have never done before… you text your trainer at the last minute to cancel. Two days pass and you do it again. And suddenly you aren’t sure how you got here, but within weeks you’ve stopped going all together and you watch yourself slowly go back to where you started. You cancel your membership. You’re embarrassed. What were you thinking?

Turns out, more often than not, the hardcore approach just doens’t work. 

So take a moment to think. In the weirdest year on record, with where you are RIGHT NOW, answer this: If you continue to work at the pace you’re working right now… in the way you’re working right now… can you last?

Odds are that most of us are going to hit that metaphorical (maybe physical) wall. So, what then? It’s time to focus on creating a life for yourself that’s sustainable.

Sustainability is the ability to endure — to make it through over the long term. In a larger sense, sustainability means that things can last.

Anyone can kick ass in the short term. How often have you had spectacular results, stuck to a strict plan for a little while… but then “fell off the wagon”? It’s a lot harder to stick with things for the long term. 

Ideally, you want to build a sustainable lifestyle. One where you feel like you have the resources and support to grow (as well tas the time to grow), the skills to recover from setbacks, the ability to balnce the demands on your life, the ability to stick to your plans, and being able to give yourself grace along the way.

This is wellness for the “long-haul”.

When it comes to you as a person, sustainability means having a clear sense of purpose and priorities. Unsure of what those are? Take some time to reflect on things like:

  • Do I have a sense of physical, emotional, and mental vitality and energy?
  • Do I have a sense of autonomy and self-determination?
  • Am I resilient, flexible, and tenacious?
  • How am I balancing competing demands for your time and energy?
  • Do I have a clear purpose and clear sense of my own values?
  • Do I time for personal/professional development?
  • Do I have routines, structures, and systems that make it all possible?

Many things will bid for your time and energy, and you’ll need to know where to put your resources to be as effective as possible.

We all wear a lot of hats and whether you want to admit it or not, one of them is “juggler”. You juggle one or more jobs. You juggle school. You juggle family responsibilities. Or travel. Or time at the gym. Or time cooking. Or a million other things.

It’s vital that you always be curious with yourself. Your life is in constant flux, so make sure to ask questions. How can you make this all sustainable? Can you do this for a long time? Can you keep running at this pace? If not, how can you slow down or pace myself?

Focus on one thing at a time.

We get it. It’s hard to slow down and focus on a small piece of the puzzle, you may feel like you aren’t doing enough, but research on human cognition and attention shows that we do our best when we focus on one thing at a time — one goal, one habit, one behavior, or one task.

Everyone wants fast results and we want to be seen as the best at everything we do. Super Mom, Employee of the month, top of the gym leaderboard. But you know it doesn’t work that way.

You can only go forward one step at a time. And you can only do one job at a time.

How can you create a life that’s sustainable? We bet it will probably be one that’s pretty fulfilling.



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