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Getting to the Heart Of It: Roux Fitness’ Core Values

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One thing I love about working at Roux Fitness is that while we try to always do the main things well, we are always looking at the big picture and what we need to do next. With all of this in mind, our leadership team sits down yearly to talk about Roux, our Core Values, our Community and if we’re on track for our 10 Year Plan. Not only looking at where things are now, but taking a moment to solidify what things are the most important to us so we can continue to kick ass at what we do now and then eventually kick ass at what we have planned. Not only do these apply to the gym as a whole and what we are trying to create, but it also applies to what we want our coaches to value as well.

We came up with 4 core values and we love them: Build Relationships, Be Curious, Have Integrity, and Have Fun.

Build Relationships 

Before we even talk about it, let me start by saying that this is definitely the most important one. Sure, we’re in the business of fitness, but we have found that building community has been the key to success.

Pre-COVID, when you walked into any class at Roux, you’ll see everyone circled up before we start. You’re then expected to tell everyone your name and answer the ice- breaker question.  Does it sound silly? Maybe. But this has been a game changer in terms of building community. Now I know someones favorite movie or if their dog is sick. As a member and a coach it allows me to learn personal details about the people around me that I wouldn’t normally learn in a fitness class. I know that it means a lot to a member if I check in on them 2 days after they mentioned their dog was sick. I know because people have done that for me and that’s the stuff that you remember. That’s what takes you from working out in a fitness class to working out with friends, with your tribe, with your people, with your KREWE.

And now, because you are surrounded by friends and people that care about you (the whole person, not just your fitness goals), they will hold you accountable. Traditional gyms tend to be large and have a very different business model. In most cases, the owners probably wouldn’t know who you are. And that’s fine, but can you imagine how cool it is that we all know each other here? When someone walks in the door for a jumpstart, we start learning about them right away. We want to find out their goals and try to set them up with the membership that helps THEM meet THEIR goals, not our own financial goals.

Basically, everything else we do here is based on this. Building relationships. When people know each other and become friends, it makes fitness fun and not a chore.

Be Curious 

Every 6 months here, coaches are asked to do a self-assessment. One thing we ask is what they have done to develop themselves as a coach. Sure it could mean going out and getting another certification. But it can mean reading a book, watching videos, finding new articles. We want our coaches to always be curious and learning. We want them to study something outside of their comfort zone.

On the flip side, we also mean for it to imply that coaches are not getting complacent. We don’t want our coaches so stuck in their own ways that they are not open to dialogues and discussions between themselves and with members. We want our coaches to look at each athlete as an individual and communicate with them as such. Always knowing that what works for one person might not work for another and seeking help on the days you just can’t figure that out.

Personal note: I love the word “curious”. It implies a childlike enthusiasm that we so often forget about. And that’s what we seek in coaches. Humans that are constantly asking questions and seeking out knowledge about the world around them.

Have Integrity 

To us, having integrity means doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. Having the wherewithal to do what’s necessary even if nobody sees or you don’t get credit.  Being morally and ethically above board. Coaches are always striving to do what’s best for members and doing what’s best for the gym as a whole. Doing what they can to help the community move forward. Bradley and Emily can only do so much, so there is trust that the coaches will make the right decisions.

Having integrity also means that as coaches, we acknowledge that we are held to a higher standard. And even though most of us have other full-time jobs, knowing it’s on us to leave our stresses and woes at the door to create the best environment and class for the members.

As athletes, coaches should always approach a workout the same way we would expect member to, with their ego checked at the door and quality movement.

Have Fun 

There’s a lot of things we can control here at Roux. We can control the programming, how we communicate with you, we can provide you with knowledge on activity and nutrition and recovery. But we can’t control YOU. We can’t control your intensity levels during a workout and what you do when you walk outside of our doors.

When you start a new program or a new gym, you see a ton of progress right away! But then the inevitable happens, you hit a plateau. And that, my friends, is when most people quit if they aren’t having fun. We know that if we provide you with a community that is having a ton of fun, full of  people that you enjoy, you will continue to come and reach past the plateau. Getting past a slump all comes down to sticking with it, and you are way more likely to stick with it if it is fun and doesn’t feel like a chore.

And guess what? That’s a HUGE thing we look for in hiring new coaches. We have had people walk in the door inquiring about jobs. They look amazing on paper and are probably fantastic technical coaches, but if they aren’t having fun and making their classes fun, they won’t keep you motivated enough to come back. It’s much easier for us to hire someone with a ton of personality and help them become an incredible technical coach.

To sum up: We love fitness. But mostly because we all really like and trust each other. And we’re awesome. You should come hang out with us.


Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or a seasoned pro looking for something new, we’d love to meet you!  And guess what? Your first class is on us. Click HERE to schedule your FREE Jumpstart Class and let us show you what makes Roux Fitness different!

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