Ep. 97: Finding Nutrition Freedom

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Tess found herself struggling to lose weight and finding confidence in her body after having children. Tess had been overweight for most of her life, had tried other weight loss methods, and struggled with long term success. She saw the success of other clients in Stacked Coaching and reached out to Emily, her long time friend, for support.

On this episode of “Probably the Best Fitness and Nutrition Podcast” Emily sat down with Tess to talk about not only her journey with Stacked Coaching but how she found financial freedom. Tess learned how making small changes each day eventually led to lifelong habits and a healthy lifestyle she can stick to.

Tess found there is no dollar amount that can be placed on your health. The investment she made in coaching, is not just a promise to herself, it is a promise to her children and family, which is priceless.

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