Ep. 84: How to Get the Most Out of Your Training

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Have you ever been working out, moving light weight, when suddenly you feel a tweak? Maybe you felt fine on your 52nd kettlebell swing, but on rep 53 your back tightens up and you can barely look at your shoes, much less drive home.

Turns out, that it probably wasn’t the kettlebell swing that made your back so angry and avoiding that movement in the future won’t fix you. Weaknesses develop over time.

And it turns out that you start loading your body from the moment you wake up, well before you even step foot into the gym.

On today’s episode of “Probably the Best Fitness and Nutrition Podcast” Bradley, Emily, and Sarah talk about the concept of load vs. capacity. Learn how sleep, stress, diet, injury, and your anatomy play a role in your capacity before you even start your workout, why that matters, and how to improve your capacity while moving better.

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