Ep. 82 – All About Macros: Pt. 2: Carbohydrates

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Buckle up for an age old debate: Are carbs good or bad for you?

Well, maybe not age old, but the discussion has been around for awhile. Which has led to carbohydrates getting a pretty bad rep over the years. And while how much you should eat depends on each person, it turns out that they are pretty important.

On “Probably the Best Fitness and Nutrition Podcast” Bradley, Emily, and Sarah sat down for the second episode in a 3 part series about macronutrients. Today we’re covering all things carbs. From where to get it (turns out it isn’t just in pasta and bread), how your body uses them, and more.

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for part 3 next week; all about fat.

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