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5 Tips For Staying Motivated

By July 10, 2019 No Comments

Remember New Years’ Eve? This year. Chances are that someone asked you about your goals for the coming year. Or you at least heard enough people talking about their resolutions that you thought of some for yourself.

You sipped your champagne (or sparkling grape juice, I don’t know your life) and toasted to a new year of possibilities. 

You went to bed and woke up and suddenly it was July. And my guess is that a lot of you out there are either not as close as you want to be to achieving that goal or you completely lost sight of it somewhere in the last 6+ months.

It happens. You probably lost some steam, some motivation, along the way. Motivation is simply your drive to achieve a goal. Which is why we are here today to give you 5 tips and tools to help you stay motivated. 

1. State (or re-state) Your Goal

Look, I’m not trying to sound mean, but you probably didn’t set a good goal to begin with. So let’s do that now! Good goals are specific, measurable, and time-oriented. Since Roux is in the business of health and wellness, let’s give an example. Saying that you want to lose weight is not a good goal. But saying you want to lose 18 pounds by your birthday in 4 months is a good goal.

You take it a step further by really digging and establishing your ‘why’. Your ‘why’ is literally more important than anything (for everything you do). The stronger your WHY, the stronger your will. The stronger your will, the more likely you will fight to achieve your goal. Make sure you know WHY you want to do something and how it will benefit you and the others in your life.

2. Change Your Language

Small changes in the way you talk to yourself and others can have a huge impact on how you approach just about anything. My 2 favorite substitutions are switching “I have to” for “I get to” and “I am” to “I feel”.

You don’t have to work out, you get to. You don’t have to eat well, you get to. You work and can afford to take time and set money aside for things like groceries you pick out and a gym membership. Don’t forget that. And furthermore you aren’t sad, you aren’t frustrated you missed the lift, you aren’t angry. You feel those things; you are not them.  Taking a step back and recognizing that you feel a certain way, rather than exist a certain way, can make it a lot easier to get past the emotion and move on.

3. Do It Even When It Isn’t Fun

Once you know what your goal and your ‘why’ are, you probably know what habits you need to develop to get there. And when you are motivated and excited and the birds are singing, it’s easy to do those things.

But when you are tired and feel like you’ve had a setback, you’re probably way less motivated to do the things you KNOW you need to do. That’s when it becomes more important than ever to do them. Make the good habits happen on the good days, but especially on the bad days. Skipping it when it’s hard makes it really easy to forget to do something entirely.

4. Limit Your Time on Social Media

This one is kind of ironic because you probably got to this article via your Facebook feed. But it’s true! So often we simply waste an exorbitant amount of time seeing what everyone else in the world is up to rather than getting our own shit done. Also, from a scientific standpoint, dopamine hits of social media can affect our overall wellness in a negative way. That’s right, being over stimulated ALL OF THE TIME is not a good thing. 

It’s also pretty easy to begin comparing yourself to others through social media. But more on that HERE.

5. Find Your People

I lied earlier. About goal setting. You need the things I told you about, but you need something else. Accountability. You need to tell people you are close with what your goals are and why they are important to you. You need people around you that support you, encourage you, call you out when you’re being lazy, and to encourage you to hold yourself to the highest standards. If you know what you want, what you have to do to achieve it, and the people around you to support you, you are pretty much unstoppable.

With that being said, remember that motivation changes from day to day, so be patient, give yourself some grace, and keep going. 


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