3 Fitness Myths Targeted at Women… And Why They Aren’t True

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The internet is an interesting place. It’s simply amazing that we have all the information in the world at our fingertips.

But that’s also the biggest problem, isn’t it? The fact that “all the information” is at our fingertips.

Not only that, but “all the information” doesn’t necessarily equate to “all of the correct information”.

These days an Instagram model can spread false information that seems like truth due to the fact that they have a million followers. Or a post on Facebook can go viral because a celebrity trainer made a YouTube video. A celebrity trainer can claim that burpees should be avoided because they provide no value and can result in injury, and suddenly millions of followers are telling their friends to avoid such a “dangerous” exercise.

And, sorry guys, it’s even worse for women. The Health and Fitness Industry has spent years marketing differently to men and woman and instilling a lot of fear in women to steer them towards specific types of workouts and supplements.

And while we can’t cover EVERYTHING today, we’re here to debunk 3 of the biggest fitness myths sold to women.

1. Thin = Healthy

It’s a very common misconception that just because someone is thin that they are healthy or fit. Being thin does not mean you’re fit or healthy just the same that being thick means that you’re not fit or not healthy.

One number on a scale isn’t enough to tell if a person is healthy or not. Someone can be naturally thin, but have horrible eating habits, that puts their heart at risk. Someone could be on a steroid because of a medical condition, resulting in temporary weight gain. Weight seems like an easy way to measure one aspect of someone’s health, but it should be one of many things that are looked at.

Things like body fat, skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat are other great indicators. But other things are important too; like quality of sleep, energy levels, and mood.

2. Spot-Target Fat for Faster Results

Hate to break it to you, but it just doesn’t work that way. You can’t, as much as you may try, spot reduce fat in areas of your body.

Let’s think of it this way: Fat in your body is like gas in your gas tank. Thinking you can reduce fat from your stomach alone is like saying you want to use gas only from the right side of your gas tank.

Fat, just like gas in your car, is stored energy. It gets recruited equally from all over your body and sent to the muscles to be burned.

But why then do we carry more of it in certain areas? Simple. Genetics.

Genetics is the most important determinant for where fat is stored. Often we have relatively similar shapes as our parents. Gender and age are also part of the equation.

3. Lifting Makes You Bulky

This has got to be one of the worst fitness fallacies on the planet and it’s not just because of the misinformation it presents but the fact that it steers so many people away from one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself; lifting weights. For a long time weight lifting was put in the spotlight by bodybuilders, strongmen and professional athletes that were deemed the biggest and baddest. It bred the longstanding idea that you lift heavy weights minimal times for size and strength and you lift little weights a lot of times to lose weight/lean out. False.

It’s important to dispel this myth because strength training is a vital component of any fitness routine. Lifting weights regularly (and appropriately) will: improve your heart health, keep your tendons/joints/ligaments feeling good, boost your metabolism, help your posture, minimize overall injuries, increase your energy, regulate your hormones and make you stronger! It does all this because lifting weights taps into all of your bodies energy/movement systems while challenging it in a way that forces the response of all that was previously mentioned. What lifting weights won’t do is give you unwanted bulkiness unless you are specifically training for that.

Especially if you’re a woman.

Getting “bulky” requires a lot of work. In addition to specific training, someone has to be in a serious and intentional calorie surplus. Essentially, no one will EVER get “accidentally” bulky. That’s like being afraid to drive a car because you’re afraid you’ll find yourself in the middle of a NASCAR race. Don’t deny yourself the benefits of “driving” (lifting weights) because of the irrational fear that this could “accidentally” happen to you.

What have you heard? Have any of these things kept you from trying something new?

That’s OK! But if it has, we challenge you. Push yourself to try something new. You just may end up loving it and all the results you never knew you wanted.



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