3 Apps to Help You Crush Your Goals

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What are your goals?

Chances are that they revolve around you trying to become the best version of yourself. Which is awesome, but we know that if they aren’t speicifcally related to health and fitness, hyour health still matter in terms of reaching your goals.

How can you crush any goals without taking care of your body? And what’s the point of reaching your goals, if you absolutely destroy your body in the process? I bet you won’t enjoy your accomplishments as much if you feel awful.

That’s why we are bringing you 3 of our favorite (Free) apps for your phone that can help you become your best self.

And we know, we know! You ultimately want to limit your screen time, BUT these 3 can help you recover and bring some serious awareness to your habits.

Ate App

Most nutrition clients come to us at Stacked Coaching and say they know “what” to eat, they just don’t know how much or why they can’t stick to anything. And starting with something like MyFitness Pal can be overwhelming.

And while we think MyFitness Pal is great, you don’t need to start there. That’s why we love the Ate App.

In the Ate App, all you do is take photos of your food! That’s it. It shows you how much time was between meals and even has prompts forcing you to look at why you ate, where you ate your food, and how you felt after.

You can also connect with friends; you can see their visual food diary and they can see yours.

Not only does the act of seeing your food throughout the day bring awareness to exactly what you are eating, but it also brings awareness to the reasons you are eating. It may help you determine if you are doing something like stress eating or eating when you’re bored.

And did we mention you might not eat the entire sleeve of cookies if you know your friend can see it?

Insight Timer

Let me start be telling you that Insight Timer is a meditation app.

Now before you stop reading because you think meditation is a “woo-woo” thing, hold on. Meditation can be shown to reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness, help with age-related memory loss, improve sleep, and decrease blood pressure. How’s that for “woo-woo”?

Now, meditation looks different for everyone. For some people, it’s going on a walk or a run and unplugging. But if you haven’t tried meditation before, then this app is a great place to start.

It has guided meditation, courses, music, meditation specifically to help with sleep, stuff for kids…

My favorite is to set a timer and turn on one of their ambient noise options. It allows me to fit it into my day (whether it’s 5 minutes or 20 minutes) and I can just focus on listening to something that relaxes me.

Sleep Cycle

At this point, a lot of us own some sort of wearable fitness tracker.

We get really excited about closing circles during the day and getting our steps in, but are we using it to track our sleep as well?

Fear not, whether you have one or not, Sleep Cycle is here to help you crush your sleep.

While it isn’t perfect, it can help bring some awareness to how much you are actually sleeping and the quality of sleep you’re getting. Once you know that, you can start to implement some things to make it better.

Your movements vary with each sleep stage. Sleep Cycle uses sound analysis to identify sleep states and track your movements in bed. On top of that, they have a ton of resources to help you improve your sleep.

So go forth, friends. Go after your goals. But remember to take care of yourself in the process.



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